sarah snider: visual art


Choose Your Own Adventure™  fall 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure!™ is an interactive web experience that lets the user explore Barbie-branded Dante’s circles of hell. The user experience questions the nature and motivations of modern branding and advertising when children are involved. A child’s experience of the intersection between capitalism and the internet highlights their innocence and susceptibility to messaging–a child rarely questions the intentions of adults, especially those they trust (e.g. Disney, Barbie).

A child’s interaction with computers and the internet is endearing and terrifying. A child does not understand the concept of a fake website or a scam, or how the internet works at all. A child does not think about the business of entertainment, only about what they want. Ethical consumption under capitalism?

BABY  fall 2016

BABY is a web game created with Unity, in collaboration with with Nathaniel Baker-Salisbury, centered around a creepy walking/running baby that can only explore its own internet-themed room. The only goal of this game is experiential.

The user never learns anything for certain about the baby or the world it lives in through exploring the room. However, the baby is at least not in our current reality. Although the game is supposed to be creepy and weird, it is not supposed to be scary or sad. Social media, the internet, and technology are not evil–unknown baby just goes on living in its little web world, its only reality.