sarah gwendolyn hansan snider


Carols for Children "PBR"  feb 2017
music video

chance study with no dice  fall 2016
generative video and sound (max/msp + jitter)
premiered at senior recital "ten five-minute pieces"

Home, door (portrait)  fall 2016
fixed video and sound
premiered at senior recital "ten five-minute pieces"

city piece (from grapefruit by yoko ono)  spring 2016
fixed video and sound
premiered at junior recital "controlled chance"

piece for live projection, live electronics, tablet, and dancer  fall 2015
(max/msp + jitter)

dancer: kaeli mogg
drawing tablet controls video output projected onto the dancer, which is then input into the computer via webcam to create sound with the avg rgb values of 12 quadrants.

dancer: natalia shevin


Choose Your Own Adventure™  fall 2016

Choose Your Own Adventure!™ is an interactive web experience that lets the user explore Dante’s circles of hell through the lens of a child. The user is guided through a very branded experience that questions the nature of and motivations behind modern branding and advertisement. A child’s experience of capitalism illustrates their innocence and susceptibility to whatever they are exposed to. A child rarely questions the intentions of adults–especially those they trust (e.g. Disney, Barbie).

A child’s interaction with computers and the internet is endearing and terrifying at the same time. A child does not understand the concept of a fake website or a scam. A child does not even understand at all how the internet works, they just accept that it exists because it is all they know. A child does not think about the business side of entertainment, only that they want it. Ethical consumption under capitalism?

BABY  fall 2016

BABY is a web game created in Unity by myself and Nathaniel Baker-Salisbury, centered around a creepy walking/running baby that can only explore one room. It is implied that this room is the unknown baby’s room, however, it is covered in web-themed menial items. There is no goal to this game other than exploring this room and the sounds that emanate from it.

Through exploring this room the user does not actually learn anything for certain about the baby or the world it lives in. However, this extent to which the baby is “plugged in” illustrates that this baby is at least not in our current reality. Although the game is supposed to be kind of creepy and weird, it is not supposed to be scary or sad. Social media, the internet, and technology are not evil–the baby just goes on living in its little web world, not knowing any other way.